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From small acorns : Robozone spring 2020 blog!

First of all, thank you for signing up to my newsletter. I have not promoted this website so much so you are one of the inquisitive ones that jumped aboard the bandwagon early on. Expect Robozone's momentum to increase in the next couple of months. Watch this space!

A leap of faith

December 2019 was the deadline I gave myself as to whether I would jump head first into the dark uncertainty of entrepreneurship. It was actually an easy decision. Robozone is not just a business but it is also a cause. And a worthy one at that! By the end of that same month I was fortunate to secure an office in the newly opened Digi and game center in Jyväskylä.

The centre itself is designed as a business eco-system where tech entrepreneurs, artists and game designers work, meet with potential investors and also find collaborators. In my case I am in search of a full time partner with game design experience. The centre has large work spaces for rent, so it will almost certainly run the first trials here. I cannot imagine a better place to get started.

The SteamTeam rises!

Networking is one of the main activities in the young fledgling days of the Robozone. It did not take long before I noticed that the steam community of teachers and researchers had little means of visibility or communication with one another (outside the venerable Innokas network of course)

So in steps SLACK and behold! the SteamTeam network is born. The slack platform is an easy to use message and topic board app. It is so much better than long, complex email threads. If you are a steam educator, club organiser or researcher, please join our network.See the link below (10m2) from humble beginnings.

Contagion strike the Earth!

No sooner than I formed my plans for an exciting series of summer coding camps, than a rampant plague spreads across the world, condemning whole sectors to sit at home taking conference calls in their pajamas, meanwhile in the supermarkets, shoppers are gouging each other eyes out for a 70 cent bag of pasta. I wont mention the toilet rolls.

As of writing, social clubs, events and some schools are closing in an effort to contain its spread. I will soldier on with my plans as if all will be happy and free by the time July and August come around.

On the radar......

There is a hundred and one tasks being juggled at any one time but somethings need more attention. - Arctic 15 Investor event - Robotex events - Website revamp - Creation of the platform

- Game concept and fundamentals finalised - First trials in Keltinmäki school* - Dont get the Corvid-19 virus

See you all around. Have a great Easter and remember to wash your hands and stay healthy.


Invite to the SteamTeam slack group.

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