To be a leader in the fast moving tech industry, Finland requires a multi track route to STEAM education.


Robozone centres will partner with schools and organisations to help boost STEAM lessons and develop a fun maker/coder culture for both boys and girls outside the classroom.

Within a unique gamified environment, RoboZone brings together electronics, robotics, coding, 3D printing, virtual reality and art.


Innovation comes faster when people create their entertainment rather than just consume it.

'Who would have thought learning tech would be this much fun!

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FInd out how we can help education departments, lessons and projects 


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About us

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Who are we and what are our aims.



Robozone centres will bridge that gap between what is ideally needed for modern STEM education in schools and the realism of budgetary constraints.  

By removing the schools need to own and maintain the larger, more expensive STEAM equipment and fixtures, the department can focus their time, energy and funds to other projects.

Preparing for the unknown

The centres will offer a varied range of sets and systems that will cover different disciplines and skill-sets at all levels. 

You have a need-we have it covered.

Robozone will have ready template projects available to use or our staff can work closely with teachers and technology/ design departments to formulate smooth running, predictable project deployment.

Robozone will be the best support staff that will relieve the workload of the teacher leaving them to get on with the job of teaching.


Tech playground

RoboZone is a unique activity centre for the whole family. A tech playground that will fire up and boost your imagination and creativity.


Not only is Robozone a place that has hours and hours of fun, it is also a place where everyone learns new skills and techniques using modern robotics, electronics and constructions kits.

Your children will be having too much fun to realise that they are learning valuable skills for their future!

In-game or in-person,  from total beginners to experienced tech-heads, you can build fabulous machines, make your first ever 3D printed model or create a battlebot to challenge your friends to an epic fight!

Enter those worlds outside our own in our VR section where you can fly in space, play the latest VR titles or create your own personal worlds with unbelievable immersive VR art programs.


Robozone has it all waiting for you. Just bring your imagination.



Robozone brings the future to your conferencing and brainstorming programs.

Take advantage of all our modern systems and creative environment to help your team innovate and develop your project.

A wide range of facilities can be provided to ensure that your session will be a success!

HexGen interactive  Oy

Digi & Game Centre, Matarankatu 2, 40100

Jyvaskyla, Finland

Y: 3140358-2

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