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Introducing: Robozone labs

Edutech tuoteet ja palvelut vihdoinkin kaikkien saataviilla

It is evident that STEAM related skills and qualifications are highly sought after in our modern economy and society.

Some countries have pushed vast resources into preparing their populations in STEAM fields. The results of which are already obvious to rest of the world. 


Here in Finland, the thirst for STEAM is also high but there is simply no budget to bring the much needed equipment into the classrooms. Educators also feel there is not enough support in training to use these systems or the time to create projects.


Hexis-Interactive will have leasing and subscription packages for schools and other institutions so they no longer need to own and maintain larger, expensive STEAM equipment and fixtures.

From preschool to high school, all our packages will have ready made projects so educators can jump right in to their next exciting project and teacher  training will be available if required. 

Our distribution model

finally unlocks access to crucial STEAM materials needed for schools but also has a lower carbon footprint 


Location, location, location

Our RoboZone centres will also be an ideal host for classes, competitions and themed events.   

You have a specific need? We have it covered.

Robozone will be the best support staff that will relieve the workload of the teacher leaving them to get on with the job of teaching.

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