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Smart EduTech that everyone can finally get their hands on 

Robozone labs
Our RoboZone Labs will play its partin developing our next generation of innovators by enabling schools and institutions access to STEAM learning products that normally lays outside their budgets and reach

A tech playground that is fun and engaging on the outside

...With critical skill learning on

the inside

Robozone tech playgrounds
In our 'RoboZones' the whole family can experience our gamified 'Smart playgrounds' featuring free building, competitions, challenges, themed events, VR and much more.
And all of it built around a mobile game*
*game participation is optional
Need something visual?
Check out our explainer video

And we are not just about schools and games.....


Hexis-interactive's B2B and B2C 

activities will include

import / distribution, sales, business fascilitaion and training

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