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About us and our Mission

Our task is simple,  even if the route to success is anything but. 


The near future will see a significant departure from the previous gradual progressions within our personal and work life. Digitalisation promises limitless potential and thus, this potential should belong to everyone. 

Robozone's aim to ensure that every child has access to the  tools, both physical and conceptual needed to succeed in the new era of potential. 

RoboZone will be a multi dimensional environment that will be a useful tool in combating issues such as gender equality and social exclusion ( often called 'NEET')  

 Here are some of the challenges we all face and how RoboZone will play a part in it's solution


The way we live, socialise and the way we work is moving rapidly into a digital format.

As traditional industries decline, the majority of new careers in the future will need IT and technological skills

Robozone's Response 

This future faces us all. It is imperative that every child, starting  from an early age and regardless of location or  family finances, has access to the best STEAM education available. This must include the wealth of ingenious but prohibitively expensive STEAM systems available on the consumer market. 

Robozone will devise a system that will suit the needs of local education departments and open up this amazing resource to the teacher.



There is very little interest expressed in STEAM from female students

Robozone's response

The world has many critical questions to be solved. Having such a large percentage missing from this effort is tragic and works against achieving true gender equality.   

There is no single route in STEAM. We believe that experience is key. Merely ' pinkifying' a construction set isn't going to attract girls into the field. Research suggests that a narrative based problem / solution scenarios and projects that relate closer to their culture would be a helpful gain in this respect. 

Our centre's environment will be inspirational both to the senses as well as practically. 


Worldwide, the tech industry is filled with some big players.  How does Finland stand out ?  

Robozone's response

Quality,sir. Not quantity. 

Finland can narrow other countries lead by focusing on quality.  It is something Finland has been very good at doing. So lets keep that going and a speed up the pace.  

Robozone being a private organisation, will be able to react faster than, for example the public sector to technological changes.  This reaction time is crucial in the high speed modern world.  

Robozone in itself, has the potential to be a groundbreaking Finnish education export to the rest of the world. 


No one knows what skills are required in the future

Robozone's response

No. Nobody does. But their are fundamental principles in which they will be based upon. The more practical  experience people have with these fundamentals, the firmer the foundation they have beneath their feet when the next change arrives. 

By allowing our youth,early on in their development,  the space to experiment and develop problem learning skills with high quality resources, the result will be a well rounded, well prepared population. 


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